About The Program

The environment is an important matter for our customers. The Subaru Eco-Friendly Retailer Program demonstrates the core values of Subaru as a company and a brand by positively impacting our community and its local environment.

We are proud to announce that our facility achieved Subaru Eco-Friendly Retailer certification by meeting the requirements in these five areas.

  • Energy Efficiency

    Energy Efficiency

    Our facility reduced energy consumption by installing devices such as occupancy sensors, LED lighting and programmable thermostats.

  • Water Conservation

    Water Conservation

    Our facility reduced water consumption by installing low-flow faucets & toilets and water-efficient landscaping.

  • Recycling


    By recycling, our facility helps divert massive amounts of material from landfills.

  • Waste Management

    Waste Management

    Our facility ensures proper disposal of waste material including oil, coolant, batteries and tires.

  • Community Involvement

    Community Involvement

    We are involved in community programs focused on preserving and protecting the environment.

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