Here at Fox Subaru, those who check out our new vehicles know they're able to find efficient and reliable options. One question people ask us about Subaru vehicles is whether there are any electric vehicles available. Now, we can finally say that there will be one coming soon. The 2023 Subaru Solterra is set for arrival in the next year, bringing us an electric compact crossover.

The Solterra is the first electric vehicle from Subaru set for mass production and dealerships like ours. It's coming in 2022, and you can still expect to find many features that appeal to you, and ones that showcase that it's a Subaru. This of course includes plenty of ground clearance, plus standard Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive onboard. It's all-weather capable and you can count on it to be reliable as all our options are here in our Belmont, Rockford and Grandville area dealership.

The Solterra is going to be powered by electric motors instead of a gas engine, and it is replenished by charging it at a public charging station, or if you have a home setup, which can easily be done as you just need the right level of voltage for the outlet. You're using no fuel, and it leads to a quiet and of course emission-free ride. Subaru states that the Solterra is its most technologically advanced Subaru, not just for the electric motors either. It also is set to offer comfort in the cabin, standout technology with a number of new and modern features, as well as those options that keep you safe, which is a standard for Subaru.

We'll be sure to provide updates on the new Subaru Solterra and its availability. You can learn more about it, or how to order a new Subaru here at our Grand Rapids dealership. Contact us to get started and we can help you soon!

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