The Team at Fox Subaru Loves Pets and Helping our Local Animal Shelters and Groups

Help Us Help our Four-Legged Friends!

All through the month of October, we're celebrating all of our favorite local animal shelters and organizations that do such selfless work. We know how important your pets are, whether they're furry, feathered, scaly or anything in between; we want to do our part to support our local organizations.

We're Collecting Donations All Month Long

All throughout the month we'll be collecting donations of items that our local shelters in the Grand Rapids, Belmont, Rockford, and Grandville areas need, including:

  • Towels, Blankets, and other cozy fabrics for bedding
  • Grooming Supplies like brushes, shampoo, ear cleaner, and more
  • Food Bowls: Stainless Steel bowls that can be easily sanitized, and slow-feed bowls
  • Treat and Food Puzzle toys: Kongs in all sizes, food puzzle toys like Buster Cubes, IQ Treat Ball, and more.
  • Soft toys for supervised play
  • Marrow bones, antlers, horns, and other natural chew toys. Avoid donating rawhide chews, even though they are inexpensive, they can frequently be dangerous to dogs if swallowed whole. Opt for something like a No-Hide brand chew instead.
  • Cleaning Supplies: Bleach, Natures Miracle spray, Paper towels, rubber gloves, poop bags, baby wipes, sanitizing wipes, mops, brooms, and much more!

Bring your Pup In for a Photoshoot

Come in to our showroom and take a picture of your pup in our Subaru Loves Pets photo frame! Share that photo on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social channel and tag #SubaruLovesPets so we can see it! Don't forget to grab your Subaru Loves Pets bandana and plush toy on your way out!

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