Grand Rapids, MI Area Drivers: Have You Taken Care of Spring Service Needs Yet? It's a Better Time Than Ever Here at Fox Subaru

The flora here in northern Michigan is turning from arctic white to Great Lakes State green once more. That means it's time to bring your new Subaru car or SUV into our Grand Rapids service center for some post-winter care, whether that visit's for regular service, the factory-scheduled maintenance you've put aside during the colder months, or a bit of car repair that's been concerning you of late. Our expert auto service techs here at Fox Subaru can assist with whatever your needs may be, to be sure, but it's also a good idea to know what to expect, and to take a look at a few basics, before stopping by.

Check out a few of your vehicle's components under the hood first. Take stock of your engine, the status of belts and hoses, keeping an eye out for any brittleness or wear, and that of your system's coolant, looking at levels and noting age. If there's any visible damage to the former or the latter's discolored, jot that down. Even the simplest of parts, up to speed, can mean the difference between proper operation and, say, an overheating Crosstrek block as temperatures climb.

Second, review the condition of your wiper blades, and look for other issues on your windshield. Cracks and wear can occur in both, the ravages of ice and debris buildup. It's a good idea to stay ahead of spring weather by replacing what you can and letting our people handle what you'd prefer. After all, there's little worse than, for example, a Forester stuck in the driveway or service bay.

Next, as tire pressure can decrease owing to air contraction during seasonal chills, you should determine whether all four of yours are at the proper PSI. When air warms again in the spring, that pressure can increase, and if it rises past Subaru specifications, it'll seriously affect both driving that new Legacy, for instance, and its excellent fuel efficiency. You can optimize your set with an air compressor, or we'd be happy to fill up for you.

Finally, get your suspension and alignment inspected. A deep freeze can affect both for the worse, most of all if you frequently travel over uneven, obstacle-ridden asphalt or rugged terrain. That can resultantly lead to damaged parts, premature tire deterioration, steering troubles, and even tanking fuel efficiency. Luckily, because of the way a new Subaru vehicle is built, our pros can check both for you at the same time. Otherwise, check your alignment about every 6,000 miles, and your suspension about every 15,000 miles or so.

As "spring cleaning" lists for car service and maintenance are concerned, we think this is a superb start. However, our state-of-the-art service center here at 6045 28th Street SE can assist you in bringing your vehicle back up to performance spec, no matter what might be squeaking, crunching, or clanging. Give us a call or set up an appointment here on our website, and we'll bring you in to diagnose your issues post haste!

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